-If in the event a member school cannot foster a team for any season of play, that team/school can be excused from the league. Re-entering the league after a missed season will entail paying the previous years league fees that were missed on top of the new season of play fees. These fees will help discourage member schools from entering and pulling out of league play from one season to the next. These fees will continue to be added up to a 3 year maximum, at which point that team/school will be removed entirely from the Lakeland Basketball League. These fees will go back into the membership thus reducing membership fees for the current season of play for those members.


-After a 3 season absence from the Lakeland Basketball League a team requesting re-entry must be done in writing to all member schools. A vote will be made amongst all current participating member Athletic Directors. If voted "in" by a majority the member school with pay the 2 previous years fees plus the incoming fees for that season of play. This fee amount will exclude officiating costs associated with each team. If a "no" vote then the school requesting entry must wait until the next application deadline to re-apply. Application for league entry will happen between March 31-June 1.


-A school seeking first time entry must receive a majority "vote in" by all current Athletic Directors. If successful, fees would be for that first season of play and the Lakeland Basketball League policy would apply to that member school regarding entry and withdrawal from league play. No penalty charges are considered, as this is their first season in the league.


*If their is a "tie" in the voting regarding a new entry or past membership into the league a "no vote" for that school will be considered and that school will have to wait until the next application time (March 31-June1) to apply. Teams wanting into the league must do so in writing for all members to review and consider with their rationale for entry into the Lakeland Basketball League.


*Teams seeking re-entry into the league or first time entry will be notified within two weeks of submitting their rationale, as to the outcome of the Athletic Directors vote. Each Athletic Director will evaluate and vote and return their response to the league coordinator with a "yes or no" so that the final vote can be calculated. Athletic Directors do have the right to communicate to other Athletic Directors to aid in determining their final decision on re-entry and first time entry into the league.



Reminder: A tie in voting is considered a "No" and entry is denied.


League Co-ordinator

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Assumption School

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