-The season of play runs the first week of December to the first week of March, ending with the league playoffs. The schedule is to be approved by all member schools by the second week of November.


-The member schools will be made into one tier where all teams will play each other at least once before playoffs begin.


Member Schools


FG                            BCHS

AJSH                        CLHS

JRHS                        LLB

ND                           SPRHS


*Teams get a minimum of 3 Home and Away Games and a maximum of 4 every other year.


*It WILL be the responsibility of the host schools Athletic Director to input results or pass on results to the webmaster in charge of the website or league coordinator.


When determining seeding the following in order will be evaluated:


1.   Overall league play record (10 games-Wins and Losses)


2.   Head-Head  Play (In Pool, Inter-pool play)


3.   Fewest points allowed


4.   Coin Flip


Championship Bracket                   


1st Place vs. 4th Place      


2nd Place vs. 3rd Place      


Championship Locations:


-Games will be held at the higher seed's venue.


*At the completion of the Championship games a Lakeland Basketball League Championship Banner will be awarded to the Women's Champion and Men's Champion.


League Co-ordinator

Shayne Midford

Assumption School

5209-48th Ave
Cold Lake, Alta.

Tel: 780-594-4050
Fax: 780-594-3585

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