-It is the expectation that there are a minimum of 2 workers, with the possibly of 3 individuals working the score table during each game (score clock, score sheet, shot clock). Workers should be knowledgable in advance of how the score clock and score sheet are to be completed. It would be appreciated but not required, if an adult could oversee the score table to alleviate any potential problems that the score table personnel encounter.


-Officials will be assigned through the league coordinator prior to the commencement of the season of play in discussions with each Athletic Director.


-It will be the responsibility of the Athletic Director to pay for their respective home games once a bill/invoice is received for their home and/or playoff games from the Officials Assigner.​


-Game times are scheduled to start at 4:30, unless otherwise scheduled (I.e. JRHS and LLB). Please ensure you leave your school and community in advance to make your scheduled game. If distance is the issue, please give coaches and athletic directors a call in advance.


-Please check score clocks and shot clocks prior to the start of the season to ensure they are functioning effectively/properly.


-Please call the host school in advance to determine whether men or women are playing first or second. Do not assume one gender or the other will play first.


-Once teams arrive, please provide teams with adequate changing areas or have the Athletic Director or a staff member meet the visiting team and show them to a designated changing area.


-At the completion of the game please ensure the scoresheets get into the hands of the schools Athletic Director. The Athletic Director can enter scores into Exnet for ranking purposes, pass onto the webmaster or league coordinator for statistical use.


*Although winning schools are expected to enter results into Exnet throughout their season, as a courtesy the host school during "league play" will enter the result win or loss into Exnet. This is not the same for tournament play where winning schools usually enter their results. A league forfeit will not be entered on Exnet but will be entered as a league loss.


*Reminder that Exnet is used for Zone and Provincial competitions. Rankings for the Lakeland Basketball League playoffs will be based on league outcomes not other game and tournaments played. The games however, may be used by Zone and Provincial rankers to assess rankings and wild cards for Zone and Provincial Tournaments.


-During the year there are a variety of unforeseen circumstances that may arise preventing teams from playing their scheduled games on the specified date and time (I.e. Inclement weather, PD, Family functions, etc.). It is the responsibility of the Head Coach and/or Athletic Director of the school missing the game to inform their opponent in advance that the game needs to be cancelled and then rescheduled. Please do not call the day of the game to cancel unless there is/was an emergency situation that arises. If this happens and a team decides not to travel without a clear rational reason the cost of officials will fall on the non-attending member school. A bill/invoice for the officials for that game will be sent to that member school if due diligence was not adhered too at the end of the season, and if the game was not played. If not paid, this will be added to the member schools fee for the following school season. If left unpaid that member school may be removed from the league after a Grievance/Appeals Committee review. Please contact assigner to cancel officials if game is cancelled in advance.


*It is recommended that a new date be selected promptly when rescheduling so that officials can be rescheduled well in advance so charges are not incurred.


*Rescheduled games must be completed by the end of the season of play. Games that are not completed as a refusal too or an inability to complete, will result in that team being eliminated from the playoff round no matter their seeding (I.e. 1 or 2). Schools involved in the rescheduling process must have due diligence in coming up with an appropriate time, date and location to make up that game.  If a team does get eliminated as a result of not completing their games by the end of the season of play the next higher seed will be bumped up. If it was a #1 seed, the 2nd seed would move to #1 and the 3rd seed would now get the 2nd seed.  This is in place to ensure all schools attend and are respectful of all members of the league in completing their games.



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