League Discipline


*Only Technical fouls written up and sent into the League LABO Officiating President will be considered for disqualifications to player or coach.  The below actions may constitute a technical foul and further write-up to the LABO officials President for disciplinary outcomes.


Actions or behaviors that may warrant Technical Foul Write-ups by offcials:


  1. Consistent inappropriate, demeaning or vulgar language  (i.e. racial comments, swearing, “put downs” or “excessive challenging” of officials calls).

  2. Inappropriate body actions towards an official or athlete (i.e. middle finger).

  3. A clear “intent to injure” another athlete or official via excessive force (i.e. forcibly pushing someone into a wall, swinging an elbowing in an intent to injure, fighting).


The following will result for Players and Coach’s in the event of a disqualification and subsequent write-up by league officials.


Immediate In-Game Ejections

1st Disqualification - 1 Game League Disqualification

2ndDisqualification- 3 Game League Disqualification

3rd Disqualification- League Disqualification for the Season


*ANY ejection will result in an officials write-up and sent to LABO President.


League Accumulated Technical Fouls

-Players and Coaches accumulating the following technical fouls throughout the season will also receive suspensions.


3 Technical Fouls- 1 Game Disqualification

5 Technical Fouls- 3 Game Disqualification

7 Technical Fouls- League Disqualification for Season


*AD’s must contact via text or email the LABO Officials President to confirm what games an athlete will serve their respective suspension.  See below for expectations and suspension fulfilment.


*Players and Coach’s serving suspensions will not be permitted in the respective league school where they are playing during specified league games to spectate, support or coach their athletes in locker rooms situations.  Once the suspension has been completed the coach and athlete may resume their regular game time activities.

*Any coach staying in the building during their suspension and not adhering to the above rules risks their team “forfeiting” the game in question, no matter the outcome.  This will also result in a discussion at the membership level as to whether the team should remain in the league based on their lack of adherence to league policy.


League Co-ordinator

Shayne Midford

Assumption School

5209-48th Ave
Cold Lake, Alta.

Tel: 780-594-4050
Fax: 780-594-3585

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