Grievance/Appeals Committee:


-The Grievance/Appeals Committee will be in charge of settling any disputes associated with membership, eligibility, rankings or appeals/concerns, fines and fees. "Game outcomes" will not be a grievance issue that can be brought up with member schools, as all games should be completed by the end of the season of play and are finalized once the officials signs off on the game during the season/playoffs.


-The Grievance/Appeals Committee will be made up of 4 member school Athletic Directors or coaches from each of the two pools (2 from each pool which are Volunteer Positions) and one Chairperson from a member school. If one or two grievance committee members have their school involved in a grievance or appeal they will remove themselves from the grievance/appeals process and the remaining members will make an informed decision based on the appeal/concern brought forward (preventing a conflict of interest). The result will be based on discussions with concerned parties and a ruling made within one week of the grievance or appeal.


-Grievance/Appeals Committee members are expected to complete one full season (term) before removing themselves at their discretion. Members may stay on or a new member from one of the other member schools in that tier will be expected to fill that position for that next year for a one year term. This creates a rotation if member schools are unwilling to stay on the grievance committee for any long length of time beyond the one year minimum term.


-A grievance or appeal must be made in writing and explain the situation that occurred and the desired change that they see as appropriate to all 4 members of the Grievance/Appeals Committee. All member schools involved in the appeal/grievance will be made aware of the grievance or appeal and have the opportunity to reply to the allegations prior to a final decision is met by the Grievance/Appeals Committee. Once the grievance/appeal is in and all parties have been informed and respond, within 3 working school days of the original grievance or appeal, the Grievance Committee will finalize their decision and the schools involved will be notified of the outcome within 7 days in writing.



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